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You want to create an outstanding setting for a film or photo shoot, or an important event?

The Design and Nature gallery can offer its collection animals for rental: big and small mammals, birds, trophies and skeletons (except insects and butterflies). There are hundreds of available species : elephants, lions, tigers, kangaroos, snakes, bears, horses, cows, dogs, cats, birds, buffalos, ostriches, zebras, etc...

Rental conditions

Transport and insurance are at the customer’s expense
The total rental cost and the deposit must be paid on delivery by cheque, cash or credit card.

In case of damage, or repairs if deemed possible, are at the customer’s expense. If the piece is damaged beyond repair, the customer will be invoiced based on the piece’s value (total deposit) and will be sent to the customer automatically.

Excess charges for non-respect of rental deadline will be invoiced per day of rental fee per day overdue.
If the pieces are not returned within two weeks after the agreed date of return, the deposit will be cashed without any further warning.


48 hours : 10% off excluding taxes
1 week : 15% off excluding taxes
1 month : 20% off excluding taxes
2 months : 30% off excluding taxes

A deposit cheque as a proportion to the cost/value of the animal will be requested on delivery.

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