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Care advice

Naturalized animals can be kept indefinitely, as long as the following principles are respected.

  • Do not expose to direct sunlight, or moonlight. Keep in a dry place, as leather is sensible to humidity.
  • Use « Essence C » to clean the fur or the feathers of the animal. (Essence C is easily found in drugstores.
  • To prevent the development of vermin (moth), spray insecticide at a 30cm distance from the animal.
  • If the animal starts to lose its fur or feathers, please call us immediately. In the meantime, keep the animal in a freezer if possible. If not, place the animal in a plastic bag and spray insecticide before hermetically sealing the bag. Let the insecticide act.


Design & Nature cannot be held accountable for any deterioration of the animal past the first 18 month after purchase.