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Stuffed animals and extraodinary objects

The Design and Nature gallery specializes in the creation of stuffed animals, in entomology (the science of butterflies and insects) and in osteology, as well as in the presentation of organic and vegetal species.

When focused on the world of decoration/interior decoration, stuffed animals, skeletons and curiosities can become objects of exception and marvel, indeed truly fascinating works of art.
They surprise/stop us in our tracks and inspire us to ask many questions...
Beyond the dimension aestheticism and poetry, the fruit of our art reflects our love, our passion and our pride for the animal (kingdom), for the vegetal and mineral world.

In Paris, taxidermy has become somewhat of a must, and it now fascinates private individuals, collectors, interior decorators the world over.

Taxidermy is fully recognized as an art form in its own right, since it provides an infinite source of inspiration for fashion, jewelry, decoration and the whole world of creation.

The Design and Nature gallery brings together collections of extraordinary pieces, created to inspire the imagination of those in quest of curiosities.

We create from a variety of different mammals (chimeras) or from a subtle and amusing range of assemblies from various species of insect.

You become part of a unique world where the magic of nature plays with the funnier side of our creations and of these unusual pieces.